Most of companies are seeking the most effective and efficient way to be be ahead of competition. Focusing on their core business is one of the key factor to achieve those objectives. The day-to-day non core activities are vary and time consuming, but have significant impact to overall performance of the company. Facility cleaning, meeting room management, professional receptionist, garden maintenance, canteen or catering management, pantry management, parking management can be one of the service that require effort to manage. Therefore finding the best partner in facility management services is very critical. In KLAAI we know how to manage support services or soft services properly using international standard which are based on safety standard. Our support services :



Meeting Room Management

Pantry Management

Indoor Garden


Office Supplies


Hygene Production Cleaning


Klaai continues to pioneer the market for cleaning and has been known as the leading cleaning company and developer of cleaning excellence. We’re proud to say that all of these have come with our relentless drive to acknowledge and process every single aspect of this area. This being said, we provide both daily and periodical cleaning services, as well as industry-specific solutions with high demands on hygiene and sanitation, and skilled people to perform cleaning in a superior way, while consistently apply new carefully selected tools and systems to reach excellence.

Internal Cleaning

External Cleaning

Technical Cleaning


Security activities will always be one of the critical process in facility management that need to be managed. Security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent system which include CCTV surveillance, security guard protective barriers, locks, access control protocols and many others. In KLAAI we provide a comprehensive solutions to address all requirements on security/surveillance activities :

Physical Security

Security Management


Workplace Environment


Parking Services has never been this reliable and trustworthy. With friendly well-trained staff and transparent management system, you can access your parking revenue in ease with clear and direct course of operation, management, taxation as well as finance, and feel certain that you will give your customers a nice first impression, knowing our staff will be the first people they see before they enter your building.

Parking Management

Parking System

Valet Service


Managing food services can be challenging for companies. Preparing good quality canteen, catering, pantry for employees can be painful and time consuming KLAAI provides variety of service to suit food service requirements from clients, served with high quality standard and fulfilled the food safety and health international standard requirements. KLAAI food services:



Merchant Management

Event Catering


Mobile App Meal Ordering Management

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