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integrated facility management

KLAAI provides end to end Integrated Facility Management services, supported by newest technology. Partnering with KLAAI enable clients to focus on their core business activities, and let KLAAI serve the non core activities.

Client may choose from an array of different services that suits with their requirements. KLAAI understand that managing facilities can be challenging for clients, it is not only securing its value overtime, but also achieving efficient cost and protecting the investment for day to day operation.

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 integrated facility management

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integrated facility management



KLAAI provides both daily and periodical cleaning services, as well as industry-specific solutions with high demands on hygiene and sanitation, and skilled people to perform cleaning in a superior way, while carefully apply selected tools and systems to reach excellence. KLAAI cleaning services covering Internal Cleaning, External Cleaning and Technical Cleaning.



Security activities will always be one of the critical process in facility management that need to be managed. Security involves the use of multiple layers of interdependent system which include CCTV surveillance, security guard protective barriers, locks, access control protocols and many others. KLAAI provides a comprehensive solutions to address all requirements on security/surveillance activities, covering Physical Security, Security Management, Surveillance and Work Environment.



KLAAI technical maintenance unit has strong capabilities in maintaining any type of technical equipments and installation, served by qualified engineers and supported by updated digital maintenance application for both mobile and site based services; covering Facility Engineering, Technical Maintenance (HVAC, High and Low Voltage, Plumbing, Security Equipment), Industrial Utilities, Fire Equipments, Water Treatment, and Technical Monitoring and Prevention.



KLAAI is highly aware the importance of risk and management in parking, with its hundreds to thousands of transactions each day, and many people involved. KLAAI puts the main focus on the quality of human resources with superior ASK (Attitude, Skill and Knowledge), comprehensive management, and breakthrough system with clear operation management,
taxation and finance; that enables Clients to directly access their parking revenue in ease every day.



Most of companies are seeking the most effective and efficient way to be ahead of competition. Focusing on their core business is one of the key factors to achieve those objectives. The day-to-day non core activities are vary and time
consuming, but have significant impact to overall performance of the company. Gardening Maintenance, Laundry Services, Manpower Supply, Office Supplies and other services; require efforts to manage. Therefore finding the best partner in facility management services is very critical. KLAAI knows how to manage support services properly using international standard which are based on safety standard.



Managing food services can be challenging for companies. Preparing good quality canteen, catering, pantry for employees can be painful and time consuming. KLAAI provices variety of service to suit food service requirements from clients, servid with high quality standard and fulfiled the food safety and health International standard requirement. Our fully trained staffs have recognized qualifications in health and hygiene, and we are well used to dealing with large, high profile events, where preparation and careful attention to detail really matter. We use nothing but the freshest ingredients and we maintain strict quality control by producing mode than 90% of all our food in-house. Only specialist products are sourced externally and, in such cases, only finest suppliers are selected.



More and more companies are aware on the importance of their standardization, the process implementing and developing technical standards based on the consensus of different parties that include stakeholder standards organization and government. Standardization help to maximize compatibility, interoperability safety, repeatability and quality. KLAAI collaborates with international certification company, offers a full range of consultancy and preparations for Client’s facilities
to comply with and awarded for International standardization.

Industrial Cleaning


Some companies require end-to-end solutions for their facility management, including industrial cleaning and large scale of water treatment and waste water treatment. Finding a single provider to serve integrated facility management can be challenging. KLAAI provides total solutions for industrial cleaning services, served by professional team with strong capabilities in this field, supported by advanced digital technology, makes KLAAI the prefered choice for facility management services partner.

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integrated facility management