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Most of companies are seeking the most effective and efficient way to be ahead of competition. Focusing on their core business is one of the key factors to achieve those objectives. The day-to-day non core activities are vary and time consuming, but have significant impact to overall performance of the company. Gardening Maintenance, Laundry Services, Manpower Supply, Office Supplies and other services; require efforts to manage. Therefore finding the best partner in facility management services is very critical. KLAAI knows how to manage support services properly using international standard which are based on safety standard.


Head Office:     

The Icon Business Park
Block G/6, Kel. Sampora, Kec.  Cisauk, BSD  – Tangerang 15345

Branch Office & Central Kitchen:

Jl. Jababeka II G, Block CC, No.3
Kawasan Industri Jababeka I,
Cikarang – Bekasi, 17530
(021) 8935-115